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Technical Details



  • Door sizes ; Height: 200 cm; Width: 90 cm Case :18-24cm (adjustable frame )
  • Door frames CCR-6112 Eregli 1.5 mm sheet steel A-1, Sheela brand rubber gasket
  • Door wings CCR-6112 Eregli 1.5 mm sheet steel A-1, in the wing complete panels sheet and the 5 units 10 cm generations reinforcement. Wing edge 12 cm of the box frame,boom thickness 7.5 cm.
  • Door wooden , can be made from 1st class embossed walnut .
  • HENKEL brand adhesive are used in coatings on steel over 4 mm MDF.
  • Frames wich with model or oval are fixed as bonded.
  • Heat-cold and sound insulation in the wing filled with rock wool which 6 density.
  • Frame and wings painted at 200-220 C with completetly spray and static paint washing line.
  • Door metal paints 'Polyester Static' is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Kale Monoblock system is used in door locks system. (Lock system is optional.)
  • Door accessories are 1st class and, may be preferred brass ,satin or yellow. (Accessories can be varied in accordance with the model of the door.)
  • There is on the door wing binoculars which has 180 degree vision large glass lens.
  • In our doors are used special hinges which is 2 pcs 4 axis adjustable .
  • Around door leaf is used wick sticking.
  • Back of the door leaf, model applied straight.
  • Net weight of the packed Elite series door is 125-135 kg.
  • Our doors are guaranteed for 2 years in TSE standart, the materials used are guaranteed for 0-5 years by the supplier companies
  • Doors produce in TSE standat and have ISO 9001-2000, Service Qualification Certificates.

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